Saife Vetmed is a team of young professionals, whose collective motto is to contribute in the development of animal health care sector through sharing existing knowledge/ technology/ services with those in need of it.

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To be the leader in providing innovative concepts which directly or indirectly influence the whole industry. Though the dream is life size and the course is easier said than done, the group believes in whatever minuscule size it achieves, it can present the approach to further work on.


The customer satisfaction is paramount.
The quality is not mere for talk. It should reflect in Product, Approach towards the Field Problem & Service. Active participation in customers educational to bring a scientific approach towards animal health care.


The endeavor of group is to explore the opportunities available or work on it to render it suitable for everyone through research & innovation. The group also aspires to contribute actively in customer education, distant learning programs for stakeholders and Digitalizing the animal production system.