POULTRAC - New Generation Data Management

Poultrac Tag-a-shed is a system which truly digitalizes a poultry shed with its linkage to centralized operational system giving freedom from age-old record keeping system and enabling the availability of information in a processed form to the decision maker to adopt practices or treatment lines with utmost certainty. The reason is only one - THE DECISION REMAINS BASED ON INFORMATION.

Poultrac once registered for a setter and hatcher, gives information regarding...

DATA Entry/Recording

• Inventory.
• Candling schedule.
• Vaccination schedule.
• Setter & Hatcher utilization.
• Notification/Action.

DATA Analysis

• Fertility report.
• Hatchability report.
• Candling report.
• Flock performance.
• Planning for eggs & chick placement.

Economic report

• Expenses.
• Chick sales.
• Chick cost.