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Providing The Best Solution

Fly Control

Fly-End is a luminescent band with natural glue for catching adult flies.

Egg shell quality

Pulsworum 45 prepares foundation for right calcium deposition thus ensuring optimum pore size and distribution.

Fortimas Group

A comprehensive tool for fat mobilization, hepatic and mycotoxin protection.


Celmanax, Oregostim and Mentofin provides the holistic approach towards poultry operation.

Biosecurity Range

Manufactured in collaboration with Stockmeier Chemie, Germany.


Transforming health with innovative science and nutritional excellence.


Elevate aquatic life with aqua healthcare and pond management products.


Elevating Equine Wellness: Bridging science and nutrition for optimal performance.

Farm Data

Providing real time poultry data in a processed form digitally.


Farm fresh high quality eggs and chicken available at your doorstep.

Our New Initiatives
Lerasept Special : The biocide of the future

Single solution for all your drinking water system applications. Removal of biofilms, Descaling, Sanitation & Acidification of drinking water.

Poultrac Tag-A-Shed

A Web and Mobile App designed to optimize efficiency, enhance productivity, and ensure poultry business success, featuring real-time monitoring, customizable alarms, data management, visualization, internal reports, and analysis.

Working for your Need

The endeavour of the group is to improve animal healthcare by exploring meaningful opportunities and working on them through research & innovation, make it suitable for everyone. The group also aspires to actively contribute to improving customer education, providing distance learning programs for stakeholders and digitalizing the animal production system.

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Memorable Moments

Latest News

A Landmark Moment for Saife: Launch of Ubera Dry in Europe

The strongly determined efforts of the Saife team have brought another milestone in 2021. Ubera dry is the first patented product of Saife Vetmed that was launched in Europe by VMD Belgium, our international marketing partner. Ubera dry was launched in Madrid, Spain in 2022. It has also been launched in countries like Belgium, France, UK and Ireland too. Saife's consistent perseverance has gained it appreciation from far and wide.

Saife biosecurity program: Manufacturing Technology in Collaboration with Stockmeier Chemie, Germany

Saife Vetmed is earnestly trying to establish an educational program emphasizing the importance of:
A. Pre-cleaning   B. Cleaning
C. Disinfection  D. Pre and Post disinfection (microbial load monitoring). This provides a potent preventive protocol using suitable chemicals based on their nature and cost-effectiveness. The company envisage that the education of human resources will be the key to advancing the successful implementation of a biosecurity program.

Saife Vetmed India and Arm & Hammer, USA Hosts Successful 2nd Technical Symposium between 9-10th of August At Bangalore and 11-12th at Delhi

Saife Vetmed, India, and Arm & Hammer, USA, continued their admired tradition of fostering a dynamic platform for industry experts, academics, and veterinarians by hosting the second annual technical symposium in August 2023. The event took place in Hilton, Bangalore on 9th and 10th of August 2023.

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