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Fly Control

Fly-End is a luminescent band with natural glue for catching adult flies

Egg shell quality

Pulsworum 45 prepares foundation for right calcium deposition thus ensuring optimum pore size and distribution.

Doc Transportation

Early 3Cs fulfills the need for water and electrolyte, thus preventing dehydration in the birds.

Fish lice & anchor

RGOSTO is an oil-based formulation, controlling Argulus through pond & feed application.

Farm Stress

Diprosin-E-Plus works on the concept of assisted rehydration of body.

Farm Data

Providing real time poultry data in a processed form digitally.

Lice and mite in

Ectolax helps in disposal of ectoparasites which infest the flock, leading to poor health.


Providing real time hatchery data in a processed form digitally.

Our New Initiative
Lerasept Special : The biocide of the future

Salient Features

Single solution for all your drinking water system applications. Removal of biofilms, Descaling, Sanitation & Acidification of drinking water.

Directly from the house of Stockmeier Chemie, one of Europe's leading producers of the eco-friendly biocide per-acetic acid.

PAA is selected for its high antimicrobial effect due to its bactericidal, fungicidal, sporicidal and virucidal properties , also PAA decomposes into biodegradable components and does not create any DBPs( Disinfection by-products )

Working for your Need

The endeavour of the group is to improve animal healthcare by exploring meaningful opportunities and working on them through research & innovation, to render them suitable for everyone. The group also aspires to actively contribute to improving customer education, providing distance learning programs for stakeholders and digitalizing the animal production system.

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Latest News
Nov 9, 2022

A Landmark Moment for Saife: Launch of Ubera Dry in Europe

The Strongly determined efforts of the Saife team has brought us to another milestone in 2021. Ubera dry is the first patent product of Saife Vetmed that was launched in Europe by VMD Belgium, our international marketing partner. Ubera dry was launched in Madrid, Spain in 2022. Last year we have launched Ubera dry in countries like Belgium, France, UK, Ireland. There is more appreciation for Saife, The Perseverance of Saife is reaching heights.

Nov 9, 2022

Protection Through BioSecurity

Biosecurity, a term very popular yet invariably restricted to the use of disinfecting chemicals at very specific periods & has not yielded desirable results in terms of preventing ever-rising infection rates in animal farming so far. This provides a potent preventive protocol using suitable chemicals as per their nature and cost-effectiveness.

Nov 9, 2022

Saife vetmed participated and hosts guest on Bihar Expo.

Successfully attended to Bihar expo that was held in the month of September’2022 . 3 days program is attended by our technical and Sales team with the vision to share knowledge, the team able to cater many guests , farmers , consultants , and many more people. A good amount of farmer turnover seen with lot of curiosity and all answers were delivered.

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