At EggNChicken4U, our purpose is to provide an All-India marketplace where producers can directly connect with consumers. Our platform has been created with the belief that technology and innovation can make poultry and farm operations more accessible, inter-connected and sustainable while not compromising on fresh, quality products delivered to the consumer's doorsteps.

Guided by this purpose, we put farmers at the centre of everything by giving them control over how their products are marketed and sold. Our belief is that an active engagement of producers in selling their products and commercial promotion of farmer-only outlets can bring a variety of safe, healthy and value-added products to the customers.

We aim to provide every tool a producer may require for them to sell more. This includes a trusted E-commerce site with constant back-end support, a simple and independent selling process, various opportunities for promotion and marketing of their products as well as providing a common branding identity. Using these tools, we strive to deliver a platform that is able to create brand awareness on a national scale and have a reach throughout India. Going forward, we believe that a digital transformation of the poultry industry can maximize the benefits for the producers while helping them meet every need of a consumer, smoothly and effeciently.

These images are from some of the latest events that have been organised by EggNChicken4U. These events saw the participation of many people from in and around Noida. Celebrated events included Woman's Day where we commemorated the success of women working at Saife Vetmed. We also celebrated Children's Day in a fun-filled way, organising many events specially for the children.